Be Kula: Space for Wellness


Kula is Sanskrit for community or tribe

Just be. It sounds wonderful, simple. And yet in this busy day and age, being doesn’t always come naturally. We’re too busy, too connected, too anxious, too . . . you know.

That’s where Be Kula comes in. We’re a community or tribe of people learning to be. And in being, we’re learning how to be community.

Come. Join us. And be well.


a community of people…


"An amazing practice sanctuary to experience your body, your movement, your strengths, your growing edges, your prayers, and your silences."

— Yelp Review by W.H.

…who are learning to be


A little history . . .

We started out in 2003, when William, our founder, opened Jai Shanti Yoga - an eclectic urban studio in Candler Park. And we continued to grow under a new owner, who in 2011, took over the yoga studio and changed the name to reflect its place in the Candler Park neighborhood.

Now, in 2019, we are in a new space, and have a new owner (Kristen), new classes (including tai chi, qigong, and contemplative practices), and a new name - Be Kula: Space for Wellness. But we are still that same eclectic urban studio in Candler Park.

And we are still a vibrant community of people who are learning how to be well.


join us .