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Anne Foster

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese form of exercise originally created as a fighting martial art, dates back over 700 years. Anne Foster’s journey with Tai Chi began in 2010. She was trained to teach Tai Chi for a neighborhood senior center focusing on arthritis, falls prevention and balance. Then it was a requirement for her job. In 2017 She was blessed to be trained and certified under the Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute. Dr. Lam founded the institute with the purpose of empowering people to improve health and wellness through Tai Chi for Health programs. Tai Chi for Health Programs are supported by many leading organizations and government bodies around the world including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Arthritis Foundation and the Administration on Aging. She has now developed a passion for Tai Chi because she not only wants to improve her health and wellness but desires to empower others to improve their health and wellness. Currently She is the Tai Chi Instructor for Piedmont Henry Cancer Wellness Center, Piedmont Fayette Rehabilitative Fitness Center, Clayton County Senior Services at the J. Charley Griswell Senior Center and now blessed to be the Tai Chi Instructor for Be Kula Space for Wellness.

In 2016 she founded the non-profit organization, Generational Sources of Strength Inc. The mission is to “Foster Healthy Living for all Generations…”. She is a certified Lay Leader for the following Living Well Self-Management Workshops (created at Stanford University): Healthy Changes for Living with Chronic Conditions; Living Well with Diabetes; Powerful Tools for Caregivers and A Matter of Balance. These workshops are coordinated by the Atlanta Reginal Commission’s Aging and Independence Services Group. She also facilitates the Living Well with Chronic Conditions and Diabetes Self-Management Workshops for Tanner Healthcare Systems and the Fulton County Board of Health. 

Happily married for 21 years to Jack Foster, they are the proud parents of 2 (Christopher and Michael).

Raised in Yonkers, New York by an aunt who taught her the meaning of being a servant leader and the importance of giving back to community, Anne came back to Georgia (32 years ago). She came back to the state where she was born. She has come full circle with her life and embraces Tai Chi. She believes that this graceful form of exercise involving a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner accompanied by deep breathing can assist with improved concentration, focus, balance and overall wellbeing for mind, body and spirit.