Anne Foster

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese form of exercise originally created as a fighting martial art, dates back over 700 years. Anne Foster’s journey with Tai Chi began in 2010. She was trained to teach Tai Chi for a neighborhood senior center focusing on arthritis, falls prevention and balance. Then it was a requirement for her job. Read more . . .

William H.jpg

William Huffschmidt

In 1989, William took his first yoga class, and shortly thereafter, began substituting, then teaching yoga classes at his teacher’s request. After many years of regular, personal practice, William began studies at Kripalu Center in 2001, primarily with Yoganand Michael Carroll studying the therapeutic application and teaching of Tantric Hatha yoga. Read more . . .


Carissa Kubitz

Carissa began teaching ballet and other forms of dance 19 years ago and still teaches full time. Due to a chronic lower back injury that started in 2005, she began to study various healing arts. Seven years later, her back was healed but she continues to advance in the healing arts. She was certified in Reiki in 2007, recently as a Crystal Reiki Master (read more . . .)


Shannon McKenna

Shannon is a classically trained violinist, yoga instructor, and an aspiring artist. She received her RYT 200 at Peachtree Yoga Center under the direction of Graham Fowler. She completed Yin Yoga teacher training under Tymi Howard Bender in addition to other continuinseducation workshop hours. She is currently studying Reiki and has received (read more . . .)


Rebecca Sands

The practice of yoga has been a central theme in my life for 30 years, ever since I was introduced to Margaret and Martin Pierce at the Pierce Yoga Program. They were my teachers for many years and Martin guided me through teacher training at their studio. For the past 20 years, I have taught yoga classes on the Emory campus and (read more . . .)

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Jane Tunno

I came to yoga in 2007. At first yoga was all about the “work out” it offered my body. After practicing for just a few months, I began to notice that I wasn’t feeling as anxious and stressed, and that my sore and tight hips from a lifetime as a runner weren’t hurting as much. After the death of my mom in 2009, yoga became a salvation for me as I began to (read more . . .)


Maureen Walter

I was introduced to Yoga in the early ‘70’s in my hometown of Washington DC. Yoga and I have followed a pathway, crisscrossed with other movement studies, throughout the years. But I always come home to Yoga. I’ve practiced many styles of Yoga with many teachers and fundamentally believe that Yoga is for everyone, all ages, and (read more . . .)

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Kristen E. Vincent (owner)

Kristen is an award-winning author, speaker, and artisan whose passion is spiritual formation and helping people learn to be. The truth is, owning a yoga studio was never on her radar. She loves yoga and has practiced it for years, and that was about it. But when someone presented the idea to her, she saw it as another opportunity to help (read more . . .)