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Rebecca Sands

The practice of yoga has been a central theme in my life for 30 years, ever since I was introduced to Margaret and Martin Pierce at the Pierce Yoga Program. They were my teachers for many years and Martin guided me through teacher training at their studio. For the past 20 years, I have taught yoga classes on the Emory campus, at Candler Park Yoga, and now Be Kula:Space for Wellness.

My life is a wonderful blend of activities that I feel passionate about. Besides teaching yoga, I have a private practice in Decatur as a psychotherapist, I am married, and mother to a seventeen year old daughter, Christina. I am also blessed to have a spiritual teacher with whom I meditate regularly.

The practice of yoga has taught me how to listen to my body and to be more gentle and respectful of it. It seems my life is a constant practice both on and off the yoga mat and meditation cushion. The challenge for me continues to be letting go of expectations and accepting life as it present itself, moment to moment.

After years of meditation practice, my approach to teaching yoga has naturally evolved to using asana and pranyama as a vehicle for mindfulness. Coming to the mat is an invitation to turn our attention inward, quiet the mind and savor inner world of sensation and insight. My intention is to invite students into a deeply personal experience of listening to the body and trusting its innate wisdom.

I have been teaching yin/restorative yoga for several years and the response from students has deepened my understanding of and appreciation for the benefits of this style of yoga. Scientific studies demonstrate that slow, mindful asanas and deep breathing support brain function, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels and promote self-healing.

For all these reasons, I feel blessed to practice and teach in this community.