The Embodiment Experience:

Better Yoga - Better Bodies - Better You


Become AWARE of Your Body

Friday, October 25: 6:30pm-9pm

Saturday, October 26: 12:30pm-5:30pm

Sunday, October 27: 12:30pm-5:30pm


“If you have a body, you are entitled to the full range of feelings. It comes with the package." - Anne Lamott

During each and every moment of our lives, we are IN a body, however, many of us are not very good at BEING AWARE of the body that we are in and have. Join William for a weekend of body exploration practices that draw from yoga, pranayama, Structural Integration (Rolfing), Thai massage to help you live with a richer, more full-spectrum embodiment!

These 5 Embodiment modules will include conversations about human anatomy and development, yoga philosophy, breathwork, movement, stillness and journaling to explore basic and complex embodiment techniques. This weekend is open to EveryBody who is interested in learning more about their own body and its potential to create new possibilities for movement, strength and ease. 

This program is open to anyone wanting to explore a deep dive into contemplative yoga & spiritual philosophies. Please consider our weekend to be a retreat, an opportunity for you to let go of daily routine and immerse yourself into the power of YOUR created universe, contained throughout YOUR body.

Beginners and First-timers ALWAYS welcome, AND at least 3-6 months of yoga and meditation practice can be supportive. Please know that we will be exploring techniques that can create both subtle and strong experiences for ANY practitioner. If you’re not sure if this is the right program for you at this point in your life, please reach out to William to explore the conversation further. 


  • $250 for full weekend*

  • $125 for Saturday or Sunday only*

  • $32.50 for Friday only*


To Bring: Yoga Mat, a journal for recording any reflections and notes, any personal props you require. A snack for Saturday/Sunday during our break.

*25% of proceeds will go to support Immigrant Families Together


Description for each module:

Fri 7:45p-9:45p - Part I: Your Body’s Earth - Asana and Gravity

The earth gives us our daily foundation for every action we create, and this module explores how to interact better with the earth and gravity. Our evening practice will include a playful and thought-provoking anatomy review, naming all of your body’s bones and major muscle groups, plus how to create safe movements for every joint. We can never know enough about our bodies and how they function.

Sat 12p-2:45p - Part II: Your Body's Space - Meditation in Motion

Everything about our body is in motion, pulsation, spanda, and every movement sends a message to our brain. What if meditation was about learning to better perceive the messages from your body? This module offers you an upgrade to the “software” options you might be running in your brain to move your body. We will explores practices to build on what can already do in our nervous system, while learning more about HOW our nervous system works to help us take more active control of body movement and coordination. 

Sat 3:15p - 6p - Part III: Your Body’s Air - 10 Pranayama Techniques

Without air and breath, our body would survive barely a few moments. This module explores the theory and techniques of pranayama practices. We will review 10 different techniques in traditiona and non-conventional ways to fuel your practice, your meditation, and your life’s development.

Sun 9a-11:45a - Part IV: Your Body’s Fire - Rituals for Altar-ing and Alter-ing 

The Tantric Hatha Yoga practice unites the rituals of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to create nested and deep experience of oneness, stillness and clarity. This will be a longer than normal yoga practice, and a deep dive into the wonder and gift that is your body. Yes - this is still a Yoga for EVERY Body experience - no one left behind. 

Sun 12:15p-3p - Part V: Your Body’s Water - Integrating a Fluid Wholeness

Transformational Yoga asks practitioners to embody the experiences that come out of our practice, and to integrate these found experiences so we can experience greater levels of aliveness. This module will explore some elements of yoga philosophy and interpersonal dialogue to integrate our weekend, and concluding with experiences to prepare us to go back to our daily lives. 


William’s Bio

In 1989, I took my first yoga class with Lorna Browne at California’s Humboldt State University and then taught my first classes in 1990 when Lorna asked me to cover for her when she went on sabbatical. Since then, my primary physical and spiritual practices have included yoga, breathwork and forms of meditation.

Since 2001, I've completed both 200 & 500 Yoga certifications with both the Kripalu and Pranakriya schools, mentoring with Yoganand Michael Carroll, and I have taught over 13,000 hours of classes, trainings and retreats. Over the years, I have completed over 5000 training in various yoga specialities, including Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Adapative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and therapeutic applications for yoga.

In order to gain more hands-on skills, I started studying Thai Massage in 2002, learning from American teachers Saul David Raye, Patricia Kilpatrick, and Pierce Salguero, and in Thailand at Wat Po, ITM, and with Mama Lek and privately with her son Jack. In 2012, I completed my training for Structural Integration (Rolf Method) at the Guild for Structural Integration, studying with Emmett Hutchins and Amber Burnham. Currently, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Georgia, an E-RYT 500 and YACEP with Yoga Alliance, as well as a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators. 

Currently, I have a private bodywork practice in Atlanta, GA offering Thai massage, Rolfing, Foot Reflexology and Table Massage. Each week, I lead two weekly yoga classes at Be Kula Wellness, located inside Candler Park’s Neighborhood Church on Tuesdays from 6p-7:15p, and Saturdays 10:45a-12p. Check out for more information about bodywork with me privately, as well as my courses, workshops, retreats, and Yoga Teaching trainings CEUs that I lead at yoga studios around the US.